Private Services

Abbeywell Surgery also offers non-NHS services to patients. These services all require payment of a fee prior to the service being provided. For clarity we have outlined our private services and their costs below.

All costs inc VAT where 20% VAT charge is applicable.
*Indicates where VAT is not chargeable

Private Patients

Private GP Consultation £50*
Private Prescription Dispensing Fee £10*
Private Sick Note £15*
Countersignature (at GP discretion) £35

Non-NHS Reports & Forms

Straightforward Statement of Fact £18
General Private Letters/Certificates £35
Private Letter (Incapacity to perform specific activity) £28*
Private Medical Insurance Claim Form (e.g. PPA, BUPA) £40
Firearms Certificate Renewal £25*

Medical Examinations & Reports

HGV Medical £110
Taxi Medical £110
Racing/Diving Medicals £110
Insurance Company Medicals (set fee) Short report £50
Detailed report £104
Failure to Attend Medical £30
Proforma Report or Extract from Records No examination £89
Detailed Written Report No examination £133
Comprehensive Report Including examination £170


These are normally paid by the adoptions/fostering agency or authority, but sometimes by the prospective parent. Any fees should be established prior to the appointment.


Why does my doctor charge fees?

The above charges are for services which are not covered by the General Medical Services contract and have to be paid as a private service. Our priority is NHS work. When your Doctor is asked to give medical information about you in the form of a report, letter or certificate, the request starts a series of processes.

This takes time and is not always straightforward or simple to complete. Some of the information is not available easily and will mean the Doctor has to sort and select the right information for the request.

The Doctor must also establish who is funding this work and if it is not part of their NHS work, agree a fee for this.

Surely the work is paid for by the NHS?

Many patients see their Doctor as the embodiment of the NHS with free care at the point of delivery, and this is correct, but not all work Doctors are asked to do is paid for by the NHS. GPs are self- employed and have to cover their time and other costs eg: staff, buildings, heating, lighting as all small businesses do. The NHS only pays for NHS work, anything outside of this must be funded by other means and this is why fees are charged. Non-NHS work is charged in line with British Medical Association guidelines.

What your doctor is signing

When your Doctor signs a certificate or completes a report, it is a condition of remaining on the Medical Register that they only sign what they know to be true.

In order to complete even the simplest of forms, they may have to check your entire medical record. Carelessness or an inaccurate report can have serious consequences for the Doctor with the General Medical Council (the Doctors’ regulatory body) or even the police.