Prescribing of Gluten-free Products

West Hampshire Clinical Commissioning Group has amended its policy and guidance on the appropriate prescribing of gluten-free products on NHS prescription. This decision has been taken in light of National developments and in consultation with dieticians and GPs.

The following foods are recommended as being suitable for NHS prescription:

  • Bread/Fresh bread
  • Flour
  • Pasta

The CCG does not support the prescribing of items such as biscuits, crackers, crispbreads, rolls, breakfast cereals and pizza bases. Biscuits are not considered part of an everyday healthy diet, whilst the others are increasingly available from supermarkets and online retailers, at a price not too dissimilar to the equivalent gluten-containing products.

The range of gluten-free products available in supermarkets has improved dramatically in recent years and we are aware that many patients already purchase these products to supplement their diet.

The Coeliac UK website offers a wealth of information about gluten-free diets and lifestyle. For further details regarding membership please visit their website.